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Dental Crowns


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A Word from Dr. Amaan on Dental Crowns

Hello, I'm Dr. Armaan, little explanation for Dental crowns are covers or caps made of metal alloys, metal fused to porcelain, or ceramics, to cover the damaged or compromised tooth. Crowns are very common restorations that can be placed over virtually any tooth within the mouth. Dental crowns are used to support fractured, chipped, or malposed teeth, thus improving esthetics, occlusion, chewing, and other functions. Crowns can last for many years depending on the condition of the remaining tooth structure, Occlusal forces, and overall oral hygiene.

How it Works


Crown Preprartion

we take impressions for the temporary crowns so you can have a temporary tooth while your custom crown is created at the lab. Then we shape down the tooth to make space for the crown. 


Digital Scan

 Next we take the digital impressions with an intraoral scanner which goes to the lab to make a crown. 


Crown Cementation

During your final appointment, we will remove the temporary crowns and cement the new crown.

Learn More About Dental Crowns

Crowns are a form of dental restoration that may be used for a number of different reasons. Also known as “tooth caps” or “dental caps”, crowns provide a complete restorative and protective cover for the tooth above the gum line. People usually get crowns to either restore the shape of and/or strengthen a tooth, or cover a dental implant. Our crowns can be made from several different ceramic compositions, usually porcelain, however it depends on the desired function – to be stronger, more translucent, laminated, monolithic etc. Our dentists will discuss these options with you in order to help you decide which type is best for you based on several factors that include longevity, appearance and cost. Over the year’s crowns have become increasingly popular due to both restorative and cosmetic reasons.

Bringing back your confident smile.

Why We Need Crowns 

Few common indications are:

  • Decayed Tooth

  • Cracked or chipped tooth

  • Severely tilted teeth

  • Discolored Teeth

  • Root Canal Treated Teeth

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