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Dental Bridges


Had a missing tooth and want to replace it
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A Word from Dr. Amaan on Dental Bridges

Hello, I'm Dr. Armaan, little explanation for Dental bridges, they are prosthetic appliances that are made from three or more porcelain crowns that are fused together. Just as the name suggests, a dental bridge literally bridges the gap left by a lost tooth. The existing adjacent teeth or implants act as the anchors for the replacement tooth. These adjacent teeth are ‘capped’ with dental crowns in order to secure the replacement tooth in place. This design is an efficient and cost-effective approach to replace a missing tooth

How it Works


Bridge Preprartion

we take impressions for the temporary crowns so you can have a temporary tooth while your custom crown is created at the lab. Then we shape down the adjacent teeth to make space for the bridge. 


Digital Scan

 Next we take the digital impressions with an intraoral scanner which goes to the lab to make a bridge. 


Bridge Cementation

During your final appointment, we will remove the temporary bridge and cement the new bridge.

Learn More About Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a way of replacing one or more missing teeth. The way it works is by attaching a false (called pontic) tooth to two surrounding teeth (called abutment teeth). The middle section of the fixed bridge will contain the false tooth that sits over the gums.
An average life span of a bridge is from 10-15 years depend on the conditions of abutment teeth and oral hygiene.

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Why We Need Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is normally needed if you are missing a tooth. If you don’t like the implants or not a good candidate for implant surgery or you’d rather pursue a less invasive option, bridges are better option for you than as this require no surgery

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